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OMG Japan’s posters are so much cooler than ours!!

I’ve always loved that Ratatouille one. D’8

oh my gosh, the Atlantis ones ;;3;;

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Today at the movies

  • Me: Hi. I'd like two tickets to Sherlock Holmes: A Gay of Shadows?
  • Ticket Seller: Yeah su- Wait, what?
  • Me: Sherlock Homes: A Gay of Gay.
  • Ticket Seller: I don't-
  • Me: Sherlock Gay: A Gay of Gay Gay.
  • Ticket Seller: Sir I-
  • Me: Gay Gay: Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay.
  • Ticket Seller: That-
  • Me: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.



Harry Potter and It was Snape…wait no

Harry Potter and It’s Malfoy…wait no

Harry Potter and it was Sirius Black…wait no

Harry Potter and It was Voldemort

Harry Potter and fuck you I was right

Harry Potter and no it was definitely Snape this time

Harry Potter and shit, wrong again

haha omg, bless this post!!

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Wallace Wells é pura sedução. 

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TRUE, that’s why I don’t watch it alone >___>

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