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G e n e r a l - P e r s o n a l i t y

It is quite common for Ravenclaws to hide their true selves in public. This makes them quite the mystery to the untrained eye, a curious puzzle that some may want to figure out, and with good reason. Ravenclaw is the virtuoso of the houses in Hogwarts, as they are filled with those who excel in many intellectual and artistic aspects of life. Ravenclaws are incredibly focused in every sense of the word, as they focus on the details of whatever their passion may be, and they also see the big picture well enough to know they should focus on all parts of their lives in order to achieve success. Ravenclaws are observant and curious, often preferring to watch people from a distance, rather than interact. 

P o s i t i v e - & - N e g a t i v e - T r a i t s

The most positive trait of a Ravenclaw is very often their intellect. As well as general knowledge of most things, they also tend to specialize and focus their interests, and can become like walking encyclopedias of specific areas of study or hobbies. They can get lost in this world of their own curiosities, perfectly content to stay in their own mind.

As well as this, Ravenclaws are often very easy to please, so long as they are alone. This is because they can please themselves, and they hold very high standards for others, as if they should be able to read their mind. So, when a person does not do as a Ravenclaw expects them to, they can become annoyed or bitter, thinking lower of the individual. They can be incredibly judgmental in this manner, though some more than others. Ravenclaws are fantastic at hiding their emotions, and can seem perfectly kind and sweet to you, when in all reality they do not care for you at all.

Another trait of Ravenclaws that may be considered less than favourable is that though they are brilliant in designated areas, they can at times lack common or social sense.They do not understand very simple things at times, simply because they do not believe they have the time for them, nor do they care. They are just fine with this, but others around them may not be.

C o m m o n - S t a r - S i g n s

An incredibly common sign for a Ravenclaw is Virgo, as they both thrive for perfection and order. This doesn’t mean they are control freaks or absolute nuts about having everything a certain way, they just are very independent in wanting things how they want it, and if it isn’t that way, they can stress out easily. Sagittarius is very common among Ravenclaws as well, as they tend to be observant and imaginative.

H o b b i e s

The virtuoso aspect of Ravenclaws mean they have a wide array of hobbies quite often, though they tend toward things that challenge their mind, rather than athletic ventures. This means they enjoy writing, fiction or non-fiction, reading, drawing or other forms of design, and musical instruments, that being only a taste. A gentler Ravenclaw may also enjoy caring for animals.

F r i e n d s h i p s

Ravenclaws make as good as friends as any, and can be loyal in their friendships. However, if you are looking for someone jumping at any and all opportunities to spend time with you or have fun in big groups, then you are not looking for a Ravenclaw. They feel uncomfortable in large crowds, and much prefer to have a few close friends, ones that enhance them mentally and challenge them to be better. They may find most of their friends in their field of work or study, as then they feel more relaxed as if they have more in common with an individual. They are not ones to start fights or cause drama, they just enjoy having a few people to rely on when need be, and lend a helping hand for if they have to.

I n t i m a t e - R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Getting a Ravenclaw into a relationship can be a difficult task, as they are not the romantic types. Before they think about diving into a relationship, they will often weigh their options of whether or not one will fit into their life, or whether or not the person fits into their mold of what they have mapped out for themselves. They are strict in this tactic, so much so that their evaluation for lovers is only beaten by Slytherins. If a Ravenclaw finds you worthy of their time, they may not be very affectionate at first, but you must give them time to warm their heart and believe you are part of them, and as this progresses they will become sweeter with you, and airy in their love.

T y p o l o g y

The average typology for a Ravenclaw is INTP (Introvert-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceptive). This varies for everyone, of course, but by nature Ravenclaws are quiet, watching things and thinking over what they mean and how they work, rather than jumping right into the action. 

A b n o r m a l - P s y c h o l o g y

Note: This section of the analysis is not diagnosis, just a common observation. Do not take it as a diagnosis, nor ask me to diagnose you. If you believe you may have a disorder of some kind and are concerned about it, please seek a professional.

Ravenclaws can be rigid perfectionists, and need everything to be a certain way, almost to the point of obsessive compulsion. In fact, many of them may think if they don’t do something they way they believe it should be done, something terrible and life-altering could happen. They also can have very eccentric or strange ways of thinking compared to their more social counterparts, as they rarely give into peer pressure, and therefore express themselves as they see fit, though this is in no way a fault. The more feeling Ravenclaw may be prone to depression, as they feel they are cut off from the world, not seeing that it is in their nature to be independent and that they are happy this way, so instead they think there is something wrong with them and they divulge into sadness. Often they do not know how to remedy this themselves, so if you are close friends with a Ravenclaw and they seem down, it is best to reassure them they are a unique and beautiful soul. Other than friends, the outlets they may use to cure their depression are other worlds, such as novels or movies.

R e l i g i o u s - V i e w s

Ravenclaws often can one of two extremes with religious views, the first being that they can be incredibly and deeply spiritual. This can be for any religion of course, though they tend to lean toward ones that involve the universe as a whole, rather than one all powerful God, as that idea to them seems highly unlikely. The other path a Ravenclaw often goes down is that of science, believing everything happens due to actions and reactions, that there is no higher power, and that the Earth is the way it is due to science, and we can easily find ways to explain everything in the world if we try. 

P o l i t i c a l - V i e w s

Though they are not usually outspoken, Ravenclaws adore debate. They love the idea of an intellectual back and forth firing contest, to see what others think compared to what they do. They will not talk to extremists about things who are ignorant in their ways, but want a mature, intelligent conversation about what is going on in the world. If you give this to them, they will be very pleased in having talked to you, and it is people like you that give them a spark of interest in the world of politics, not politicians. 

C a r e e r s

Common career and occupational choices among Ravenclaws are those in which they can enrich themselves while keeping others informed. The more social Ravenclaw may tend toward psychiatry or psychology, counseling, or teaching. The more logically driven one may tend toward forensic sciences, mathematics or architecture. Many Ravenclaws also adore the world of literature,  and enjoy writing of all kinds.

I d e a l - E n v i r o n m e n t

The ideal environment for a Ravenclaw is one where they feel like they are being productive, because if they are not working, they feel as though they are wasting their mind, and are therefore useless. They like challenges, and they like to feel like they are always going. Literally speaking, an environment which a Ravenclaw may like is on the chillier or moderate side, with little to no rain, as they feel the clouds of storms can cloud their thinking as well.

S e l f - P e r c e p t i o n

Ravenclaws often see themselves as the unique minds of the world, and have complete confidence in their individuality. They see themselves as somewhat superior to others, but are often kind about it and try not to boast about their own accomplishments. They seem themselves as success in the making.

L i f e - M i s s i o n

The life of a Ravenclaw is their mission, they want to spread the words and images of their mind, show all that could be, and add more colour to the world.

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