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Halloween isn’t quite over…

Everyone remember the story of the Haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge? It was eventually revealed that it was just a clever piece of creepy-pasta but DAMN if it wasn’t a terrifying experience. The writer, Jandusable made videos of the “haunted” cartridge to back up his story and they we’re straight up scary. Starting with this one. You can’t watch that and tell me it doesn’t send a shiver up your spine.

Going just by my memory, I think the story started out like this. Jandusable (the author) found a N64 cart marked “MAJORA” in black marker. He played under a previous save file already on the cart and noticed all these strange glitches and bugs in the game. He discovers the cartridge is haunted by someone named “ben”. In the end it’s revealed that ben possesses Jandusable. I’m fucking alot of this up but i’m going off of what I remember and I really don’t feel like reading this before bedtime.


^The full story is archived in the link above along with all the original videos. Everyone is entitled to one good scare, let this be yours.

Happy Halloween everyone. <3

(I didn’t watch it, just reblogging to ‘save’ it for later hahaah)

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ActuallyNPH: Here’s a pic of the family in costume.

They are perfect

Cuteness overload :)

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Halloween 1991 in the Wizarding World, Harry and Ron became friends with Hermione. Because of the troll. The troll that Professor Quirrell let in. Through Voldemort’s guidance.


Voldemort made the trio.

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Amy Poehler, John Krasinski and Tracy Morgan

IS SHE PREGNANT? WOOOOOW GOSH IS IT TRUE? She and Tina Fey are almost pregnant togetherrr *—-* <3

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